Phase Transformations of Materials

Course Description

Classification of phase transformations. Nucleation in the gaseous, liquid and solid states. Solidification of pure and impure materials. Thermal and constitutional supercooling and their influence on interface stability. Solute redistribution and coring. Eutectic and peritectic solidification. Generation of as-cast structures during casting. Grain refining. Single crystal growth techniques. Glass formation and glassy materials. Diffusional and non-diffusional solid-state transformations. Nucleation and growth of phases. Decomposition of solid solutions. Ordering reactions. Spinodal decomposition. Role of the eutectoid transformation in the formation of pearlite, bainite and martensite; hardenability. Tempering. Theory of transformation kinetics and the origin of transformation diagrams. Aspects of ferrous (carbon and alloy steels) and non-ferrous metallurgy.