31-December-2019 / News

Prof. Jidong ZHAO Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 30 December, Prof. Jidong ZHAO from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was invited to give a talk entitled " Multiscale Modeling of Granular Media: Trends and Challenges ". At the seminar, Prof. ZHAO  introduced his research on granular media modelling at HKUST. Granular media are ubiquitous on the earth and intimately related to our daily life. Coffee powders, sugars, salts, sands and cements are typical examples we see every day.
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5-December-2019 / News

Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 29 November, Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky from ICMM-CSIC, was invited to give a talk entitled “Introduction to Materials Science Institute of Madrid” at IAPME Seminar.At the seminar, Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky introduced the ICMM (Materials Science Institute of Madrid), which is one of the largest research centres belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)
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28-November-2019 / News

Prof. Xu HOU Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 27 November, Prof. Xu HOU from Xiamen University, was invited to give a talk entitled " Bio-inspired Multi-Scale Pores and Channels ". At the seminar, Prof. Hou  introduced bioinspired and smart multiscale pore/channel systems.
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25-November-2019 / News

Dr. Huaxing Jiang delivered a talk at IAPME

On 13 November, Dr. Huaxing JIANG from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology gave a talk entitled “Advanced Device Technology for Gallium Nitride Power Transistors “. At the seminar, Dr. Jiang introduced GaN-based power transistors as the next generation energy-efficient power converters, which can tremendously reduce the size and heat dissipations of power chargers for all kinds of personal electronics. In addition to the basic working mechanisms, Dr. Jiang has also presented a number of advanced device concepts and process technology for developing high-performance and reliable GaN power transistors, which are of paramount importance to the full commercialization of the extraordinary technology.
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