On 21 August 2018, the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME) held a New Student Orientation to welcome the Ph.D. students of the 2018/2019 cohort.  Prof. Zikang TANG, Director of IAPME, kicked off the orientation by introducing the establishment of IAPME and shared with students the essence of research and his own interesting experiences in his career.  He advised students to focus on details of their research work which would distinct them from peers in their research career, leading to the road of success.  In addition, he encouraged students to explore more interesting ideas and their supervisors will assist them to achieve breakthroughs in their work.  Afterwards, IAPME faculty introduced themselves and their research interests one by one.

On this occasion, IAPME academic awards 2017/18 were presented as well.  Prof. Hui PAN is the recipient of Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research; Prof. Kwun Nam HUI is the recipient of Excellence in Research Runner-Up; and Prof. Kar Wei NG is the recipient of Excellence in Service.  A round of applause was given to the awardees and it is hoped that the faculty would excel themselves in the new academic year in various aspects.

The second session of the orientation was to highlight some academic information, administrative procedures, and laboratory operations and safety code for the students.  Lastly, the chair of IAPME Postgraduate Student Association, Xunqing Yin, introduced the association and presented some past activities to the new cohort.  He then announced that an election would be run in September and students were invited to participate proactively in this activity.  Mengmeng Shao, a 3rd year Ph.D. student, also shared some useful tips with her juniors so they could adopt to the new environment easier.

In addition to the new students, some current students also participated in the orientation to extend their warm welcome to the new cohort.  A simple lunch was served to provide an opportunity for faculty, old students and new students to mingle around.  After lunch, a laboratory tour was conducted to familiarize students with their workplace for the few years ahead.  IAPME promises to provide the utmost support to the students and wishes to witness their success in the foreseeable future.