On 11th October, Dr. Dongchen QI from the Queensland University of Technology, gave a talk entitled “Diamond Surface Functionalization and Doping for Carbon-based Electronics” at IAPME. At the seminar, Dr. Qi introduced the diamond surface and its unique properties. He also demonstrated how to adjust surface properties of diamond by surface functionalized for many applications. Based on his research work,

Dr. Dongchen Qi completed his BSc (2004) in Peking University and PhD (2009) in the National University of Singapore. In 2012, he joined the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMRE) of Singapore as a staff scientist working on organic electronic devices. He took up a faculty position as a lecturer in physics at La Trobe University, Australia, in 2013. In 2016, Dr. Qi was awarded the prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. Currently, Dr. Qi is a Senior Lecturer in Queensland University of Technology, Australia.