On 18 August 2017, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME) held a New Student Orientation to welcome new PhD students of the 2017/2018 cohort.  Prof. Zikang TANG kicked off the orientation by introducing the establishment of IAPME and shared with students the essence of research and his own interesting experiences in his career.  He encouraged students to have curiosity and perseverance at all times in order to achieve research success.  Afterwards, IAPME faculty introduced themselves and their research interests one by one.  The second session of the orientation focuses on the hardware of the Institute.  Central laboratories and equipment were presented.  Along with this, students were reminded to pay high attention to laboratory safety and some related issues were explained.  Afterwards, students were briefed about the assessment regulations and rules of the University.  Lastly, IAPME Postgraduate Student Association has announced that an election would be run in October this year and students were invited to participate proactively in this activity. 

In addition to the new students, some current students also participated in the orientation to extend their warm welcome to the new cohort.  A simple lunch was served to provide an opportunity for faculty, old students and new students to mingle around.  After lunch, a laboratory tour was conducted to familiarize students with their workplace for the few years ahead.  IAPME promises to provide the utmost support to the students and wishes to witness their success in the foreseeable future.