On 15 May, Prof. Ye ZHOU from the University of British Columbia, was invited to give a talk entitled “Engineering Large Mechanical Systems – Challenges, Strategies and Solutions in Large Telescopes and Complex Roller Coasters, and Applications of Big Data and AI Techniques”. At the seminar, Prof. ZHOU focused on the challenges, strategies and solutions of engineering large mechanical systems. In addition, Prof. ZHOU introduced the applications of big data and AI techniques in the 3-tier systems. The seminar also provided real world examples. It covered topics on the current practice, and the search for integrated methodologies, new AI techniques and constitutive models, which helped us to fully understand the design and manufacturing of such systems cases.

Prof. Ye Zhou P.Eng. is currently president and CTO of Dynamic Structures, an internationally renowned Canadian company specializing at large complex mechanical systems. He also serves as Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Engineering. Dr. Zhou obtained his Ph.D. and B.A.Sc. degrees in structural engineering in 2003 and 1995, respectively, both from UBC. Since graduation, Dr. Zhou has been working as researcher, structural engineer and technical executive specializing in large complex mechanical and structural systems. Over the last two decades, he has led the research, design, manufacturing, and commissioning of many such systems, e.g. world’s largest astronomical observatory, longest ride track system entirely base isolated, and many ride systems for major international theme parks such as Disney, Universal Studios.