Zheng-xiao Guo, a professor of materials chemistry at University College London (UCL), delivered a talk on 16 April 2018 at IAPME.  His topic is about “Engineering Porous Carbon and Graphene Structures for Effective Energy Storage”. Firstly, he declared the situation of global catalyst market. Secondly, he demonstrated the enrichment of N-doping and graphene/ graphitic carbon-nitride intercalation are effective for enabling rapid four-electron transfer process in oxygen reduction. Finally, he talked about switching of oxygen reduction and evolution reactions by single heat-treatment of a metal-organic-framework. After the presentation, he answered a series of questions from IAPME professors and students.

Prof. Guo’s group focuses on integrated theoretical and experimental approaches for the design and development of highly functional atomic clusters, nanostructures and materials, as well as their synthesis processes. His design strategy, synthesis approach and the efficient catalysts offer great opportunities for the development of highly cost-effective energy storage technologies on a large scale.