On 5th, July, Prof. Zhengping Liu from College of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University, was invited to give a talk entitled “A New Strategy for Green Synthesis of Polyester and High Performance Polymer”. He mentioned that in the last 20 years, green chemistry has become a leading research field for chemistry. He used ionic liquids as a green solvent for chemical reactions. Since the reaction can be initiated at room temperature, energy consumption in production process, production time and the use of toxic organic solvents were reduced. The room temperature ionic liquid was introduced into the preparation of polyesters and high-performance polymers, to achieve the greenization of polymerization process.

Now Prof. Liu Zhengping is mainly engaged in the research of environment-friendly polymers and functional polymers. So far, he has published more than 80 papers in SCI academic journals, possessed 1 international patent (authorized), and 16 national patents. He once hosted and participated in more than 20 scientific research projects and educational reform projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 and the 973 projects. In 2014, he received an honorary title of national excellent science and technology researcher. Also, he was part of the first batch of “Backbone Teachers Program for Higher Education”, which is a great honor funded by the Ministry of Education.