On 22 April 2018, IAPME has joined the UM Open Day and has attracted many youngsters who are interested in physics to visit N23 Research Building.  Through some interesting games and demonstration, visitors learn how physics is in fact ubiquitous in our daily life.

On the day, the laboratory technician team of IAPME has prepared four games and demonstration namely “Fruit Power”, “Banana Strikes Back”, “Invisible Locus” and “Friction Jedi” to introduce some physics theories to the visitors.  Questions were asked during the demonstrations and there was a good interactive environment in the laboratory on the day.  Youngsters are excited and parents commented that the visit to IAPME was educational and was helpful in raising their children’s interest in science.  With the knowledge learned, every visitor left the building with a souvenir.  Smiling faces were everywhere and it was a fun and intellectual day.


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