The Chair of the University Council, Dr. LAM Kam Seng Peter, together with a few other University Council members, namely Mr. Wilfred Wong Chong Fat, Dr. Tong Chi Kin, Dr. Ma Chi Ngai Frederico and Mr. Huen Wing Ming Patrick, as well as colleagues of University Council Office, visited the Materials Characterization Centre of IAPME on 8 June 2017.

 Being the host, Prof. Zikang Tang, the Director of IAPME, welcomed the guests warmly at the entrance of the Research Building N23.  After that, the academic staff of IAPME  demonstrated some of their latest research results including super elastic hydrogel/cement nanocomposite, ultra-stable foam & light-weight fire-resistant foam concrete with thermal insulation and high mechanical performance, cement-based piezoelectric sensor, electrolysis of water by using high efficient nanostructured catalyst, perovskite solar cell, quantum dot light emitting device and super capacitor to the guests. After an interactive demonstration session, a tour of the laboratories in the Centre was conducted.  During the tour, the faculty of IAPME introduced some of the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to the University Council members who have shown their keen interest in the functions and usage of the equipment. Afterwards, the group was settled in meeting room where Prof. Tang presented the background and rationale of the planned research focuses of IAPME and the progresses achieved by far. In addition, the up-do-date research output was also reported.   The visit was ended with an exchange of ideas on the development of scientific research as well as realization of technology transfer of the research achievement of IAPME.

 In addition to the mission of delivering high quality and competitive graduates in applied physics and materials engineering to the industry for developing a better future of the society, IAPME is dedicated to serve as the platform for research, technologies and commercial industrials, on which the latest and significant research outputs can be utilized by various sectors in the industry to facilitate favourble economic impact on the local and neighbouring communities.