Research Highlights
  • Exploration of the mechanism of the reversible liquefaction of perovskite in amines – a possible pathway towards perovskite solar cell recycling
  • Investigations of the excitation dependences of self-assembled carbon dots – a way to tailor the emission properties of carbon dots for various applications
  • Self-assembled Single-crystalline MAPbBr3 microwires synthesized via a novel 2-step method with good size control – photodetection
  • Single crystalline III-V micro- and nano-lasers deposited on amorphous SiO2 – one step closer to the monolithic integration of CMOS and optoelectronics (collaboration with Prof. 


Funded Projects
  1. Advanced Materials Characterizations of III-V based Optoelectronic devices on Dissimilar Substrates (Funded by University of Macau, 2016-2018)
  2. Exploring the Extraordinary Mechanical and Piezoelectric Properties of Unconventional Bulk InGaAs and InP in Wurtzite Crystal Phase (Funded by University of Macau, 2018-2020)
  3. Substrate Patterning for High-quality Monolithic Integration of III-V Compound Semiconductor with Silicon (Funded by The Science and Technology Development Fund, Macao, 2018-2019)
  4. Monolithic Integration of Optoelectronics with Silicon-based Technology via Direct Growth of III-V Microstructures on Silicon (Funded by University of Macau, 2019-2021)
  5. Lead recycling for sustainable commercialization of perovskite based solar cells (Funded by The Science and Technology Development Fund, Macao, 2020-2022)



Current Members
Yulong CHEN   

Research Interest: MEMS Sensor

Yunyang Zhao   

Research Interest: Carbon dots and perovskites for optoelectronics applications

Shanshan YAN   

Research Interest: Perovskite-based micro- and nano-structures for photo-detection

Bowen Li  

Research Interest: Metal oxide-based carrier transport layer in Quantum dot light emitting diodes