Dialogues with Nobel Laureate

Nobel Laureate Prof. Arieh Warshel visited Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC) this afternoon. UM students as well as high school students from various high schools gathered at CKPC and had wonderful interactions with Prof. Warshel. [read more


[UM news] Two Nobel laureates discuss life and science with students recommended for admission to UM

The University of Macau (UM) today (20 January) invited Prof Aaron Ciechanover, the 2004 recipient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, and Prof Arieh Warshel, the 2013 recipient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, to give lectures to outstanding local students admitted by UM through the Principals’ Recommended Admission Scheme. 

UM this year admitted 398 students through the Principals’ Recommended Admission Scheme. The university hopes that the Nobel lectures … [read more]


The International Workshop on Solid-State Lighting of LED and Laser Diode, co-organised by the University of Macau (UM) and the Physical Society of Macao, was held at MGM MACAU today (15 December). Prof Shuji Nakamura from the University of California, Santa Barbara, the 2014 Nobel laureate in physics, as well as other renowned experts, scholars, and industry elite attended the workshop and had in-depth discussions on the latest developments, problems, and challenges in solid-state lighting (SSL). [read more]


澳門大學應用物理及材料工程研究所主辦的第一屆“澳門碳基與新能源材料高端論壇2016" 11月29日在澳門大學隆重舉行。活躍在碳基及新能源材料領域最前沿的十幾位國內頂級專家學者參加了是次高端論壇,分享其最新研究成果,並圍繞新能源學科佈局、關鍵技術突破等方面進行深入的探討,及為澳大應用物理及材料工程研究所的實驗室建設和科研發展建言獻策。 [read more]