Prof. JENQ-GONG DUH Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 13 January, Prof. JENQ-GONG DUH from National Tsing-Hua University, was invited to give a talk entitled “Exploration of Surface Modification Technique via Application in Multi-functional Coating, Microelectronic Package and Energy Storage Materials”. At the seminar, Prof. DUH  introduced his research on Surface Modification Technique. The exploitation of surface modification technologies in materials science and engineering demands continuous development that places value on satisfactory mechanical strength, thermal stability, ant-corrosion and wean resistance as well as critical characteristics of engineering materials. In our lab, the technique of surface modification has been explored in the field of multi-functional coating, microelectronic package and energy storage materials. The design concepts can be regarded as integration of exquisite architecture, composition and process control, leading to significant enhancement in properties and functionality. The development of multi-functional coating includes nanocomposite, multilayer, organic/inorganic, and bio-inspired hybrid system with specific strengthening mechanism addressed. The research in microelectronic package is associated to the incorporation of lead-free solders and various surface finishes via microstructurenal investigation by electron microscopy. Finally the exploration of advanced cathodes and anodes in Lithium-ion battery are probed through coating, doping and architecture control with the aid of plasma assisted technology.

Prof. JENQ-GONG DUH received B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan in 1974, and Ph.D in Material Engineering from Purdue University, U.S.A. in 1983. He has joined the Department of Material Science and Engineering, NTHU since 1983, and now is the Chair Professor. His research interests involve multifunctional coating and surface modification, fabrication of cathode and anode material for Li-battery, solder joint reliability in microelectronic package, as well as the characterization of material by electron microscopy. His current interest is focused on the employment of plasma technology in the exploration of multi-functional coating and advanced energy material development. Over the past three decades, he has published over 435 SCI papers in the international journals, given more than 399 oral presentations and posters in the international conference. In addition, 25 patents are granted. He received Merit MOST Research Fellow Award. He has also received the outstanding research award for three times from National Science Council and Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, as well as the outstanding teaching award twice from NTHU. He is also the recipient of numerous social service awards from Rotary International. He was also awarded the outstanding Achievement in Guidance and Counseling from Ministry of Education.