Prof. Qian Niu, who is a famous condensed matter physicist and a distinguished chair professor from the University of Science and Technology of China, visited IAPME during February 01 – 05, 2024. Prof. Qian Niu is well known for his ground-breaking researches in uncovering the critical role of Berry-phase physics in multiples branches of modern condensed matter physics, which has profoundly reshaped the landscape of condensed matter physics.
Prof. Niu delivered a lecture titled “Particle View in Crystal” during the IAPME seminar on February 02, 2024. Prof. Zikang Tang, a chair professor and director of IAPME, conducted the seminar. During the lecture, the invited speaker presented his recent exciting researches on cutting-edge physics of Berry curvature, including a novel Berry-curvature augmented particle description in spacetime crystals, and artificial gravity that shows up much more richer gauge structures in such solid-state systems than Einstein’s general relativity for the homogeneous universe.
After the seminar, Prof. Niu attended an academic exchange session hosted by Prof. Tang, and had a deep discussion in seeking potential collaborations on developing communication devices of next generation based on Berry-phase physics. Prof. Handong Sun, a distinguished professor and associated director of IAPME, and some academic staff from IAPME participated the session.
During his visit at University of Macau, Prof. Qian Niu also had numerous discussions with research groups led by Prof. Shengyuan Yang, Prof. Cong Xiao and Prof. Shen Lai at IAPME, mainly focused on their recent collaborative works.