Applied Physics bridge the fundamental physics, especially Condensed Matter Physics, with technologies. Materials Engineering is focused on the multiple applications of materials. The Research in Applied Physics and Materials Engineering shall connect the basic studies with new technologies for practical application in industry, which provides a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our society. As we are facing ever-increasing challenging issues, such as energy crisis, environmental pollution, healthy problems, and national safety, there are five research streams in the institute, including:

  1. Photoelectric‧Electro-optical High Efficiency Conversion Materials
  2. Energy Storage and Catalytic Energy Materials
  3. Energy Saving, Environment and New Functional Materials
  4. Quantum Information and Micro-nano Technology
  5. Quantum Biomedical Technology

Our faculty members carry out their research together with research staffs and students within the team/institute, and collaborators cross the university and outside the university in the full spectrum of theoretical and experimental disciplines. Synergistic collaborations can have a unique environment for us to solve the challenging problems timely.