Energy storage provides solutions of smoothing spikes in energy demand, as well as compensating for fluctuations in energy production from renewable sources. The focuses of Energy Storage Materials and Catalytic Energy Materials research group at the Institute mainly include electrochemical storage technologies based on rechargeable batteries and hydrogen energy. The research group aims at solving the fundamental and key problems in material preparation, electrolyte formulation, and battery design, and serving the practical applications of new materials and devices for battery and hydrogen energy commercialization.
The group’s vision is realized by conducting basic and applied research on positive and negative electrode materials for metal (lithium, sodium, magnesium, postassium and zinc ion) batteries, new electrode materials/catalysts for next generation lithium-sulfur batteries, interfaces for (all solid state) electrolyte and electrode, thermodynamics and kinetics issues in hydrogen storage, as well as the design of unique electrocatalysts for energy conversion in water splitting and metal-air batteries. The group works closely with industry partners and institutions, to provide burst and thrust as an innovation hub in electrochemical energy storage areas.

Research Group Members

Huaiyu SHAO
Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Research Group

Kwun Nam HUI
Associate Professor