The direction of “Micro-Nano Technology Applications” mainly consists of “Flexible and wearable device” and “Lab-on-a-chip for Clinical Diagnosis”. The flexible and wearable devices have attracted abundant interest owing to the potential applications in electronic skin, healthcare monitoring, human-machine interaction, and intelligent robot, etc. The optimization of the sensor performance, including sensitivity, linearity, working range, and the response characteristics, is critical to allow the sensors for multiple applications and broaden the information capacity during the interaction process. Affordable, high-performance, and field-deployable clinical diagnostic tools are vital to provide people in the developing world with accessible and high-quality healthcare. Microfluidic platforms combined with large field acoustophoresis sensing provide the best solution for rapid and sensitive clinical diagnosis in extremely low-resource settings. However, such approaches are still in their infancy. During recent decades, acoustic field exhibits impressive advantages on contactless target manipulation ranging from nanoscale to microscale, working in both liquids and gases with great biocompatibility. We will integrate the acoustic wave-based micro-targets manipulation technology and magnetic field assisting to develop a fully functional precise control of on-chip micro/nano-particles. Upon success of this project utilized with large field acoustophoresis, it will develop the low-cost and revolutionary diagnosis assisted tools, which can significantly improve the application in minimally invasive medical field.

Research Group Members

Bingpu ZHOU
Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Research Group

Yinning ZHOU
Assistant Professor