Our society is facing increasing challenge on various issues. Among them, energy and environment are listed as the top two that need to be solved immediately, where catalysis may play an important role. In fact, catalysis has been widely adopted in various fields spanning from scientific research to industrial applications. Especially, the catalytic process is essential to the energy crisis and pollution. It has been recognized that “Green Hydrogen” from photo-/electro-catalytic water splitting may be “Our Future” because it is clean and can be used as reactant for production of fertilizer and reduction of pollutants, fuels, etc.. In our team, we have a strong focus on the design and fabrication of catalysts for their applications in to water splitting and CO2/N2/NO3 reduction. Additionally, the physical properties are carefully investigated in depth for insightful understanding on the mechanism. We expect our work may contribute to the harmony between nature and human being.

Research Group Members

Associate Director of IAPME

Shuangpeng WANG
Associate Professor
Coordinator of the research group