21-June-2019 / News

Prof. Ho Seok PARK Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 18 June, Prof. Ho Seok PARK from Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea, gave a talk entitled “Ultracapacitive Energy Storage Using 2D Nanomaterials Under Extreme Conditions” at IAPME. Prof. PARK introduced the control in the physical structure and chemical composition of 2D nanomaterials for ultracapacitive energy storage devices under limited circumstances, where conditions were classified into thermodynamic (e.g. pressure, volume and temperature) and kinetic (e.g. high rate and frequency) variables.
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13-June-2019 / News

Prof. Fei DU Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 10 June, Prof. Fei DU from Jilin University, gave a talk entitled “Functional Design of Key Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion and Potassium-Ion Batteries” at IAPME. At the seminar, Prof. DU focus on the functional design and controlled synthesis of several new kinds of key electrode materials for SIBs and PIBs application, such as NASICON-type phosphates, amorphous Sn-P-O glass, conversion-type CuSe and CuS and etc.
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10-June-2019 / News

Dr. Shou-Wang YANG Gave a Talk at IAPME

On 27 May, Dr. Shou-Wang YANG from Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore, gave a talk entitled “Theoretical Investigations on Coordination Polymers for High-performance Thermoelectric Applications” at IAPME.
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