Mr. Yongyun Mao, co-supervised by Prof. Bingpu ZHOU from IAPME of the Univerisity of Macau and Prof. Yanqing Tian from Department of Materials Science and Engineering of South University of Science and Technology of China, recently received the Postgraduate Scientific and Technology Research and Development Award from the Government of Macao SAR, owing to his innovative work especially in the development of sensitive oxygen sensor and bio-device, silver-nanowire based conductive membrane.

Mr. Yongyun Mao joined IAPME in September 2016 as a PhD student majoring in Applied Physics and Material Engineering. Since his enrollment to UM in 2016, he has published 6 peer-reviewed international SCI journal papers including Journal of Materials Chemistry C and Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. During this period, he has also actively participated in the research projects related to the fields of accurate and high-throughput bio/chemical trace molecule detection for future point-of-care applications.