Dr. Chao Liang and Dr. Xiaosai Hu, supervised by Prof. Guichuan Xing and Prof. Guoxing Sun from Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME) of University of Macau, recently received the Postgraduate Scientific and Technological Research and Development Award from the Government of Macao SAR, owing to their innovative works especially in the development of perovskite solar cells and functional hydrogels.

Dr. Chao Liang and Dr. Xiaosai Hu joined IAPME in August 2017 as PhD students majoring in Applied Physics and Material Engineering. Since enrollment to UM in 2017, Dr. Liang has published 17 peer-reviewed international SCI journal papers including Nature Energy and Advanced Materials. He focused on developing large area stable perovskite solar cells. Up to now, he has achieved high efficiency perovskite solar cells with lifetime over 4,000 hours by tailoring the dimensionality of the perovskites. Dr. Hu has also published several high-level research papers including Journal of Materials Chemistry A, and has applied two patents with commercial potential. One of Dr. Hu’s inventions under Prof. Sun’s supervision is a super water-adsorbent, which could adsorb 13,600 times water and keep 40% water in soil at very little content. This product is under pilot scale production in Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute (ZUMRI), and has attracted several customers in the market.