On 04 November, Prof. YING-JIE QIAO from Harbin Engineering University, was invited to give a talk entitled ” Advanced Composite  in Ship and Marine Engineering”.

Composite materials have many advantages in the application of ship and marine engineering. The composite materials used in ship and marine engineering are mainly fiber reinforced materials, such as carbon fiber composite materials and glass fiber composite materials.

At the seminar, Prof. QIAO  introduced the development, application and development trend of composite materials in shipbuilding and ocean engineering.

Prof. YING-JIE QIAO received Ph.D in Materials Science from Harbin Institute of Technology and Postdoc from Harbin Engineering University. He has joined the Composite Materials Research Institute, Harbin Engineering University and now is Director of the institute. Besides, Prof. QIAO acts as the director of Institute of Materials Structure and Function Integration, Harbin Engineering University, the Vice Director of Lightweight Materials and Surface Technology Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, the Honorary Director of Chinese Society for Composite Materials and the Standing Director of China Instrument Materials Society.

 His research activities center on design, preparation, analysis and evaluation of ceramic matrix composite material, resin matrix composite material and sensitive material devices, which can be widely used in the field of aerospace, ship, oceaneering etc. Lots of works have been done to fill the domestic blank or/and to reach the

advanced level of the similar foreign products. Simultaneously, the research enriched the basic theory of material science and had a certain economic benefits.