On 4 November, Prof. YUAN-SHENG CUI from Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry of China, was invited to give a talk entitled ” Vision and strategic choice of future’s green Building Materials and construction in China”. At the seminar, the development trend of China in terms of population, resources, environment, economy and construction in the next 20 years were introduced. Prof. CUI thought China’s economy is facing the transformation and upgrading from high quantity growth to high-quality growth. On the basis of renewable building materials and renewable energy are the core of green building materials and green building industry and the ecological, intelligent, passive and prefabricated buildings are the basic development direction of the industry, five technical routes with development potential were introduced. Besides, Prof. CUI inllustrated how the ecological, intelligent, passive, prefabricated buildings revitalize five emerging strategic industries as the fifth green building in both urban and rural areas.

Prof. YUAN-SHENG CUI obtained a bachelor degree of cement technology from Harbin Institute of Technology, a Msc degree from Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China and a MD degree from Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology. CUI has been engaged in the information work of building materials science and technology for more than 30 years, and he has made positive contributions to scientific popularization, knowledge dissemination and technology promotion in the building materials industry. Also, CUI acts as the chief expert of Institute of Technical Information of Building Materials Industry of China and the National Technical Supervision and Research Center of Building materials Industry, the editor-in-chief of 《ZKG CHINA》, 《International Cement》 (Chinese version) , 《Powder and Bulk Engineering International 》 (Chinese version) , 《The World of Building Materials》and 《Building Decoration Materials World》. CUI has published more than 150 news articles, papers, translations or research reports on famous journals, such as 《World Cement》, 《International Cement》. Besides, he has edited and published more than 20 books and magazines regarding to cement and building materials.