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On 22 November, Prof. Tianshou ZHAO from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited IAPME. During Prof. ZHAO’s visit, our director, Prof. Zikang TANG introduced major research directions and recent research output in IAPME. Prof. Hui Pan, Prof. Huaiyu SHAO, Prof. Kwun Nam HUI, Prof. Guichuan XING, Prof. Guo HONG, and Prof. Shi CHEN briefly introduced their research advances in catalyst, hydrogen storage, Sodium-air battery, perovskite solar cell, fiber-based battery and battery interfaces respectively. Our rector, Prof. Yonghua SONG also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Prof. ZHAO suggested to establish a research platform between University of Macau and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to enhance our research capability in energy materials and energy science. We are looking forward to collaborate with Prof. Zhao in energy materials research.