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Cover image for Sci. Adv. 7, eabg0363 (2021)


My group focuses on the research of single-pixel imaging & ghost imaging, metamaterials & metasurfaces, topological materials.

Research Highlights:

A single metasurface is designed to serve as a reusable generator of different keys to encode various secret images in a computational way.”  —— P. Zheng, et. al, Science Advances 7, eabg0363 (2021).

“A helicity-dependent computational ghost image generated by a metasurface hologram offers a promising optical encryption scheme.” —— H. C. Liu, et. al, Science Advances 3 (9), e1701477 (2017)

Publication with UM affiliation (From August 2019 – present):

17. Y. N. Zhao, H. Y. Hou, J. C. Han, H. C. Liu, S. H. Zhang*, D. Z. Cao, B. L. Liang, Full-color photon-counting single-pixel imaging, under review (2021).

16. C. Cao, F. Liang, H. C. Liu*, S. Fu, Y. Feng, H. Liu, H. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Mao, M. Ge,* and Y. Tang*, Constructing High Mass Loading Electrodes for Lithium Batteries towards Commercialization: Principles, Opportunities, and Perspectives, accepted by Small (2021).

15. P. Zheng#, Q. Tan#,  and H. C. Liu*, Inverse computational ghost imaging for image encryption, Optics Express 29, 21290-21299 (2021).

14. P. Zheng#, Z. Ye#, J. Xiong*, and H. C. Liu*, Computational ghost imaging encryption with a single pixel-replaced pattern, under review (2021).

13. P. Zheng#, Q. Dai#, Z. Li#, Z. Ye, J. Xiong, H. C. Liu*, G. Zheng*, and S. Zhang*, Metasurface-based key for computational imaging encryption,  Science Advances 7, eabg0363 (2021). Reported by University of Macau (澳門大學), Macau News Bureau (澳門新聞局), Macau Government Portal (澳門特區政府網站), 今日頭條, 捷報, etc.

12. Z. Ye, P. Zheng, T. Zhang, Y. Cui, D. Sheng, W. Jin, H. C. Liu*, and J. Xiong*, Computationally convolutional ghost imaging, under review (2021).

11. Z. Ye, J. Xiong*, and H. C. Liu*, Ghost difference imaging using one single pixel detector, Physical Review Applied 15, 034035 (2021).

10. X. Zhang, C. Guan*, K. Wang, L. Cheng, J. Yang, J. Shi, H. C. Liu, Z. Liu, and L. Yuan, Multi-focus optical fiber lens based on all-dielectric metasurface, Chinese Optics Letters 19, 050601 (2021).

9. C. Cao, H. Dong, F. Liang, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang, H. Wang, H. Shao, H. C. Liu, K. Dong, Y. Tang*, Y. Lai*, and M. Ge*, Interfacial reinforcement structure design towards ultrastable lithium storage in MoS2-based composited electrode, Chemical Engineering Journal 416, 129094 (2021).

8. Z. Ye, H. C. Liu*, and J. Xiong*, Computational ghost imaging with spatiotemporal encoding pseudo-random binary patterns, Optics Express 28 (21), 31163-31179 (2020).

7. Q. Tan#, H. C. Liu#, and S. Zhang*, Dual-channel sensing by combining geometric and dynamic phases with an ultrathin metasurface, Optics Express 28 (19), 28612-28619 (2020).

6. H. C. Liu*, Imaging reconstruction comparison of different ghost imaging algorithms, Scientific Reports 10, 14626 (2020).

5. H. C. Liu*, and W. Chen*, Optical ghost cryptography and steganography, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 130, 106094 (2020).

4. Z. Shen*, Z. Wang, H. C. Liu, Y. Shen, Optical Trapping and Separation of Metal Nanoparticles by Cylindrical Metalenses With Phase Gradients, IEEE Photonics Journal 12 (4), 4600810 (2020).

3. J. Zi, Y. Li*, X. Feng, Q. Xu, H. C. Liu, X. X. Zhang*, J. Han*, and W. Zhang, Dual-Functional Terahertz Waveplate Based on All-Dielectric Metamaterial, Physical Review Applied 13 (3), 034042 (2020).

2. M. Yuan, Y. Lu, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Y. Li*, H. C. Liu, X. Zhang*, J. Han*, and W. Zhang, Curved terahertz surface plasmonic waveguide devices, Optics Express 28 (2), 1987-1998 (2020).

1. H. C. Liu#*, H. Yang#, J. Xiong*, and S. Zhang*, Positive and Negative Ghost Imaging, Physical Review Applied 12 (3), 034019 (2019).


Representative publication before join UM:

H. C. Liu*, B. Yang, Q. Guo, J. Shi, C. Guan, G. Zheng, H. Mühlenbernd, G. Li, T. Zentgraf, and S. Zhang*, Single-pixel computational ghost imaging with helicity-dependent metasurface hologram, Science Advances 3 (9), e1701477 (2017).

H. C. Liu*, and S. Zhang*, Computational ghost imaging of hot objects in long-wave infrared range, Applied Physics Letters 111 (3), 031110 (2017).

H. C. Liu*, High-order correlation of chaotic bosons and fermions, Physical Review A 94 (2), 023827 (2016).

Q. L. He#, H. C. Liu#, M. He, Y. H. Lai, H. He, G. Wang, K. T. Law, R. Lortz, J. Wang, and I. K. Sou*, Two-dimensional superconductivity at the interface of a Bi2Te3/FeTe heterostructure, Nature communications 5, 4247 (2014).

H. C. Liu#, H. Z. Lu#, H. T. He, B. Li, S. G. Liu, Q. L. He, G. Wang, I. K. Sou, S. Q. Shen*, and J. N. Wang*, Tunable interaction-induced localization of surface electrons in antidot nanostructured Bi2Te3 thin films, ACS Nano 8 (9), 9616-9621 (2014).

Full publication list, please visit Google Scholar or Researchgate.

*corresponding author #equal contribution

Funding Source
Start-up Research Grant of University of Macau (SRG2019-00174-IAPME).

PI H. C. Liu
PhD P. X. Zheng
PhD J. H. Xiong
Postdoc M. Z. Ge
UG Y. C. Liu
UG Z. Q. Liang






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