SUN Pengzhan 孫鵬展

Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

Nov 2022-present
Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, University of Macau

Oct 2016-Oct 2022
Research Associate, Department of Physics and Astronomy and National Graphene Institute (NGI), University of Manchester, UK

Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Silver Award (Dec. 2015, USA)
Top Scholarship of Tsinghua University (The top honor of Tsinghua University) (Dec. 2014)
Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award, Grand Prize (Jan. 2015)
2015’ China International Graphene Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, 1st place (Oct. 2015)
GE Foundation TECH Award, 2nd place (Dec. 2013)
Outstanding Graduate of Beijing (Jun. 2016, Jun. 2012)
Outstanding Graduate of Tsinghua University (Jul. 2016, May 2012)
Outstanding PhD Thesis of Tsinghua University, 2nd place (Jul. 2016)
National Scholarship (Oct. 2014, Dec. 2013)
Boeing Scholarship (Mar. 2015)
Young Scholar Award Nomination of Tsinghua University (Jun. 2014)
Original Innovation Award of Materials Research in Tsinghua, 2nd place (Dec. 2013, Oct. 2015)