Low Dimensional Optoelectronics Material and Device Group

by Prof. Shuang-Peng WANG

We Fabricate Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode in Macau.

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Group News

2018-04-15 Ren-Jun’s work “Efficiency Boost of Inverted Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes by Thermal Damage Suppression Using an HAT-CN Interlayer” received the poster award at “量子点化学、物理与应用研讨会(2018)” (Hangzhou, 14-16 Apr. 2018)

2017-12-03 Our Homepage is ready to launch.
Lab & Facilities

Chemical lab for QD synthesis

Thermal Evaporation System for QLED Fabrication

Home-made System for QLED Test

Research Highlights
  • Charge Transport Layer Materials for QLED
  • QLEDs Fabricated in Our Lab
QLED with Different Colors
  • QDs for Emission Layer
CdSe Based QDs Inorganic Perovskite QDs Carbon-Based QDs
Funding Source
  • Principal Investigator, Lead-free metal-halide perovskites for light-emitting diodes, MYRG, UM, Grant No. MYRG2017-00149-FST, 09.2017-08.2020, MOP 726300
  • Principal Investigator, High performance quantum dot light emitting diode, SRG, UM, Grant No. SRG2016-00085-FST, 02.2017-02.2020, MOP 150000
  • Principal Investigator, The influence of metal nanocrystals on the efficiency and lifetime of inverted structure quantum dot light emitting diodes, FDCT, Macau SAR, FDCT 2016, 084/2016/A2, 03.2017-03.2020, MOP 1673000
Dora, Jia-Yi DONG, 董佳依
E-mail: YB67446@um.edu.mo
Synthesis of QLED Charge Transfer Layer Material
Ramana, Xi-Yuan FENG, 馮溪淵
E-mail: YB778231@um.edu.mo
Recycling of Lead-based Perovskite