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Ph.D.Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2011
M.Phil.Condensed Matter Physics, Zhejiang University, China, 2003 
M.Sc.Materials Science and Engineering, HKUST, Hong Kong, 2002 
B.S.Physics, Zhejiang University, China, 2000


Sep 2018 – presentAssistant Professor, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, University of Macau
Aug 2017 – Aug 2018Scientist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A* Star, Singapore
Jan 2012 – Jul 2017Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


 Research Interests

    •   Interfacial energetics of Organometal halide perovskite
    •   Interaction and characterization on Organometal halide perovskite surfaces
    •   Transient electron dynamics on surfaces
    •   Low dimensional materials
    •   Surface and interface characterization

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  1. T. C. Sum*, S. Chen, G. Xing, X. Liu and B. Wu; Energetics and Dynamics in Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics and Light Emitters (Invited Topical Review), NANOTECHNOLOGY, Volume 26 Article number 342001 Published 2015
  2. Shi Chen, Teck Wee Goh, Dharani Sabba, Julianto Chua, Nripan Mathews, Cheng Hon Alfred Huan* and Tze Chien Sum*; Energy level alignment at the Methylammonium Lead Iodide/Copper Phthalocyanine Interface, APL MATERIALS, Volume 2, Article Number: 081512 Published 2014
  3. Chen S, Xu, H, K. E. J. Goh, Liu L, J. N. Randall; Patterning of sub-1 nm dangling-bond lines with atomic precision alignment on H:Si(100) surface at room temperature, NANOTECHNOLOGY, Volume 23, Article Number: 275301 Published 2012
  4. Chen S, Chen W, Huang H, Gao XY, Qi DC, Wang YZ Wee ATS; Template-Directed Molecular Assembly on Silicon Carbide Nanomesh: Comparison Between CuPc and Pentacene, ACS NANO, Volume: 4 Pages: 849-854 Published 2010
  5. Gengwu Ji, Bin Zhao, Fei Song, Guanhaojie Zheng, Xiaonan Zhang, Kongchao Shen, Yingguo Yang, Shi Chen* and Xinyu Gao*, The energy level alignment at the CH3NH3PbI3/pentacene interface, Applied Surface Science, Volume:393 Pages: 417-421 Published 2017






New Ph.D. student position at August of 2019

Prof. Chen Shi obtained his Ph. D. degree from University of Singapore, and continue his research in Nanyang Technological University and Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR. He joined Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, University of Macau in 2018. He has more than 60 publications including Advanced Materials, ACS NANO, Nano Letter and etc.

His research interests includes Organohalide perovskite materials and novel 2D materials, surface and interface characterization based on photoelectron spectroscopy, in-situ/operando reaction and characterization and synchrotron based characterization. Collaboration with device fabrication is also available.

Currently, Prof. Chen Shi has open Ph.D. candidate position for students with or without Master Degree. Students with Physics, Materials Science and Chemistry background are preferred. Other relevant backgrounds are also welcome. Students with bachelor degree from 211 Universities has priority in application. University of Macau provides a monthly $12,500 MOP stipend with spacious in-campus accommodation.  Interested student please send a CV and cover letter to the following address:


Basic requirement of University of Macau:
IELTS 6.0 or above, sub item should >5.5, TOEFL 550 or above, or CET-6 430 or above.

Ph.D. Assistantship:
12,500 MOP/month (roughly equals to RMB 10,000/month). Please refer to the following website for details.

Twin room MOP 1340/month
Single room MOP 2040/month
You can apply for accommodation when you application is approved.

澳門大學應用物理與材料工程研究所陳石課題組招收 2019 季入學博士生
陳石教授,博士畢業于新加坡國立大學,隨後在南洋理工大學和新加坡A*Star材料與工程研究所(IMRE)從事博士後研究工作。2018年加入澳門大學應用物理與材料工程研究所。他已發在包含Advanced Materials, ACS NANO, Nano Letter等高影響力的雜誌上發表超過60篇論文。


目前,IAPME 的陳石助理教授課題組招收 2019 年 8 月入學的博士生。歡迎有物理,化學或材料科學等相關背景的同學加入本組。擁有211大學本科學位的同學會被優先挑選。有意者請發送個人簡歷至本人郵箱 shichen

雅思 6.0 以上(每項不低於 5.5),託福 550 (80)以上;
也可用國家大學英語考試 CET 六級 430 分以上作為英語能力之證明。


雙人間帶獨立衛生間:約 1340 澳門幣/月
單人間帶獨立衛生間:約 2040 澳門幣/月