Postgraduate Courses

APME801 Solid State Physics
APME802 Mechanical Properties and Behaviour of Materials (Obsolete)
APME803 Advanced Instrumentation for Materials Characterization
APME804 Quantum Mechanics (Obsolete)
APME805 Electromagnetism (Obsolete)
APME806 Laser Technology (Obsolete)
APME807 Thin Film Physics
APME808 Electroceramic Materials (Obsolete)
APME809 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (Obsolete)
APME810 Phase Transformations of Materials (Obsolete)
APME811 Composite Materials (Obsolete)
APME812 Special Topics in Applied Physics (Obsolete)
APME813 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering (Obsolete)
APME814 Advanced Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
APME815 Advanced Laser Materials Processing (Obsolete)
APME816 Corrosion, Wear and Surface Engineering (Obsolete)
APME817 Advanced Failure Analysis of Materials (Obsolete)
APME818 Computational Materials (Obsolete)
APME819 Advanced Materials Science (Obsolete)
APME820 Advanced Optoelectronics
APME821 Advanced Laser Spectroscopy Technology
APME822 Transmission Electron Microscopy
APME823 Advanced Topics in Applied Physics and Materials Engineering Technology (Obsolete)
APME824 Special Topics in Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
APME825 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
APME826 Advanced Electromagnetism (Obsolete)
APME827 Research Ethics (online course)
APME828 Research Writing
APME829 Advanced Inorganic Chemical Synthesis
APME830 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
APME831 Advanced Micro and Nano-systems: from Fundamentals to Applications
APME832 Advanced Organic-inorganic Engineering Materials
APME833 Nanomaterials and Nanochemistry
APME834 Semiconductor Physics
APME835 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
APME836 Advanced Electromagnetism and Modern Scattering Techniques
APME899 Doctoral Thesis
GRSC801 Research Ethics (Obsolete)
GRSC802 Research Writing (Obsolete)
GRSC804 University Teaching I (Obsolete)
GRSC805 University Teaching II (Obsolete)

General Education Courses

GEGA021 Green Energy for Global Society
GEST017 Mysteries of the Universe
GEST018 Physics and Modern Society
GEST023 Mystery of Chemistry
PHYS111 Physical Science — To Know the Natural Laws Around Us (Obsolete)