The Macao SAR Government presented the 2022 Macao Science and Technology Awards on 16 November. The postgraduate Shen Zhaoxi from the University of Macau (UM) IAPME was selected by the evaluation committee of the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) for the Macao Science and Technology Award (Postgraduates).

Shen Zhaoxi received this award, whose research project name was “Research and Application of Flexible Wearable Water zinc-manganese fiber Battery”, they have developed an innovative and flexible aqueous fibrous zinc metal battery (AFZMB) with superior electrochemical performance and excellent cycling stability. By designing the stratified deposition framework (SDF) as the anode and regulating its hydrophilic surface, it was demonstrated that zinc atoms were deposited in order from bottom to top in the three-layer SDF anode, and the undesired growth of zinc dendrites was perfectly inhibited. Meanwhile, the AFZMB had good flexibility and high safety, serving as the ideal flexible energy storage strategy in the flexible wearable devices. She had two publications, both published in Advanced Energy Materials 2021. She believed that this award can be mainly attributed to the careful guidance of her supervisor, Professor Galen Hong, the help of the Hong’s group members and the strong support of IAPME. She hoped the award will encourage her to stay true to her original intention and continue to make progress in her future research.

Figure 1 SHEN Zhaoxi, the awardee

Figure 2 Zhaoxi SHEN (5th from left), and her supervisor Prof. Galen HONG (6th from left), and the research team